Signature towels has an amazing range of high quality of beach and bath towels, also comforting bath robes. Towels and bath romes come in an array of colors and embroideries. Make it a perfect gift for a perfect someone, grad gift or just everyday life. If I were to ever make a commercial for signature towels it would have to go some thing like this….

1) First scene-Would take place on a beach. I would keep it all young and fun. It would start off with a group friends un-rolling their towels showing off their custom towels with their names on it. All brightly colored beach towels. You can hear them giggling as they get closer. Fun music in back round.

2) Second scene- Would take place in a regular on the go family house hold (to show that signature towels could be used any where, any place, any anytime). It would show all the kids rushing to wash their faces with their custom face towels. Each would have their initalis on it.

3) Third scene- Would take place in a woman’s bathroom. She would be bathing in her tub filled with bubbles. Her towel would be sitting on the edge of her tub. Her matching bath robe would be hung above it. The mood would be relaxed, candle lit, and soft music.

4) Fourth scene- Would be a man on the golf course. He would pull a golf towel out of his bag and wipe his fore head. Also showing off his name embroidered on it. And him tossing it back on his bag showing off how high quality the towels are.

5) Fifth scene- Would be a college of all the scenes. A woman would be speaking. she would say ” Signatue towels, used any where, any place, any time, any one”. The End.

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