I made the local paper last week with my sucessful bakesale!! The small community of Lac La Biche is starting to notice me as ‘Miss Teen Lac La Biche County’. Each time I make the paper my community learns a little bit more about me and what I stand for. talking about what I stand for, my little brother is having an ‘Important person’s day’ at his school and has asked me to come and talk to his classroom about my platform on bullying!!

I attended the home, buisness and craft spring sale where I got my first donation! https://www.facebook.com/josiesshoesgalore , check out he facebook page and see a wide selection of flats, boots, stihlettos ect.  I loved it at the home, buisness and craft sping sale espescailly when all the little girls called me a princess and wanted a photo with me! I have soo many more photos of me with little girls who thought that I was a princess! Other buisnesses at the sale also made generous donations that I appricaite so so much!!

people also gave donations out of their pockets to help me on my journey to Toronto this summer!! WICH IS ONLY TWO MONTHS AWAY!! I cannot belive how fast time flys it seems like just yesterday I was in Calgary competing for Miss Teen Alberta!


This weekend comming up is MOTHERS DAY! It will take so many mothers days to show my beautiful mom how much she really means to me and how thankful I am to have her in my life. I could not imagine how my life would be with out her, she helps me with everything I need wether its picking out an outfit for school or helping with my home work shes there for me. She pushes me to be the best I could be, and tells me to always be myself no matter what anyone else says or thinks. She tells me to be proud of my metis backround and to stand tall with confidence, shes like my own personal motivator! She listens to everything I say, even when she probably dosent want to hear about it. she is definetly my bestfriend! Shes always the first person I turn to when I dont know what to do, or even for advice in every day life. My mom is strong and idependent she raised me an my brothers on her own. she is definetly my biggest role modle/ insperation. I could never in a million years ask for a better mommy! <3





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