After my bakesales and farmers markets i’ve reached my goal for Free The Children!! after all the money was added up and the amount was reavealed I was estatic that I had finally reached my goal!!!

May 20th-24th was Aborigional week! I read to both Lac LA Biche Head Start and Vera.M welsh elementry school. I love reading to them! I find it the coolest thing when they call me princess because never in a million years I would ever think that I would be called a princess!! And when they sit hugging my knees begging for me to read another book I just find it so adorable, and I cant resist but read them another book to them!

The next thing I have planned is the community garage sale wich is coming up on june 8!! I will have a picnic table loaded with clothes of mine that I no longer fit and a whole bunch of other cool stuff!


Written by: Khloe Kozakevich
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